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Decisions, decisions

As the title says, I’ve come to one: Quite a momentous one actually. For the last however many years I have been slaving to see some of my writing in print. There have been one or two infinitesimal successes but nothing … Continue reading

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The Sun Sharers

A difficult blog to write this week, as I don’t like criticizing others, but one I feel moved to do. I recently picked up a book from the library called The Sun Sharers by Jack George Edmunson. I’ve never heard of the … Continue reading

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Fantasy That!

Books from two different end of the time spectrum this time; first of all the trilogy of stories by Jenny Nimmo – The Snow Spider, Emlyn’s Moon and The Chestnut Soldier. Published (I believe) in the early 90s, the stories … Continue reading

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What a strange two weeks it’s been since my last blog; I have had my first short story published, a piece in Enchanted magazine and, most importantly of all, I became a grandma. My gorgeous wonderful daughter gave birth to … Continue reading

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No Books Please, We’re British…

Last week I clicked on one of those Yahoo news headlines, usually I ignore them but this one caught my eye. 10 things you need never buy again it trumpeted; well, with the economy the way it is I figured … Continue reading

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Previous Post

One of my first memories involves hearing the tale of Kay and Gerda and The Snow Queen, it sparked what would become a life-long love of the fantastic and the supernatural. Back in those days, of course, it was quite … Continue reading

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A whole new beginning

So, here I am, fabulous and fifty as one kind friend put it or, still plugging away as another (not so kind) acquaintance observed, poised to begin my battle to become a published author. Twenty years ago the notion of … Continue reading

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