I rarely write poetry (the possible reason may be become clear when you read below!) and I can’t say I’m a huge fan, but I do love a certain rhythm and flow of words. I can be lulled by certain pieces without even knowing why and just occasionally, I’m moved to write something myself. This little piece came from who knows where. I like it, so I’m sharing it.

If I could dream away the darkness past, and paint anew the days of glory,

I’d dry away the first and last of tears that end your story.

I’d hold on tight to all the light and the memories of laughter,

And banish fast the bitter days of pain that followed after.

But history is carved in stone, its stories set forever,

Its galleon sails are fuelled by fact which strain against the tether.

If I could choose the paths we walked, the choices lost or taken,

I’d signpost every pitfall there so nothing was forsaken.

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