What a strange two weeks it’s been since my last blog; I have had my first short story published, a piece in Enchanted magazine and, most importantly of all, I became a grandma. My gorgeous wonderful daughter gave birth to an even more gorgeous and wonderful little boy. He arrived a little early and neither of them had an easy time of things but all is well now and I can already tell (she says with tongue firmly in cheek) that Xane is going to be a very smart little cookie; a reader of the highest calibre. If he isn’t it certainly won’t be for want of trying.

Although titles such as The Very Hungry Caterpillar and The Gruffalo have become almost obligatory in a youngsters library, I am already stockpiling some older classics in readiness for story-time with Grandma. Beatrix Potter has already arrived; Xane will be growing up in a veggie household with rabbits and birds as well as the more usual pets, I think he will appreciate the Tale of Tom Kitten and Peter Rabbit although if my memory serves me correctly one or two of the characters did end up in a pie! What I would like to find are some stories centered around birds; parrots in particular since his Mum & Dad breed them. I’ll give it six months and if I haven’t found any I like, I just may have to venture into the murky world of writing for young children myself.

A shorter but hopefully still sweet blog this time as my mind is elsewhere. I’m still writing but routine has gone out of the window for the last week or so, time to knuckle back down and get some stuff submitted!

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2 Responses to Grandma,Interrupted

  1. gwensbullock says:

    Grandmother!!! and books………my favorite things. Thanks for sharing the thrill

  2. Thanks Gwen, whilst I don’t mind wittering about books forever I am fighting a losing battle about not becoming a granny bore; but it’s hard when you have the sweetest grandson in the world 😉

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